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You Don't Have to Live With Chronic Back Pain Mar15th 2021

You Don’t Have to Live With Chronic Back Pain – PT Can Help

Physical Therapy Can Help With Your Pain Relief Needs Chronic back pain leads many people to consider surgery or addictive painkillers to deal with the problem. The depression that can accompany serious, long-lasting back pain can lead people to think that. But what if surgery or opioids didn’t need to be a part of your

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Do You Know What's Causing Your Back Pain? Jan5th 2021

Do You Know What’s Causing Your Back Pain?

Your spine is a complex part of the body. It is comprised of 24 bones, and 5 of them are located in the lower back. It is also comprised of numerous nerves and intervertebral discs. Sometimes, the jelly-like nucleus of these discs can “herniate,” or protrude, through the cell wall, if it is not strong

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feeling tired, stressed, anxious, frustrated and depressed, suffering with back or neck pain Nov15th 2020

Back and Neck Pain – How Physical Therapy Can Help Ease the Discomfort

The pain associated with back and neck pain can range from moderate to severe, but physical therapy can luckily help ease most (if not all) of the pain.  If you are suffering from back or neck pain, call Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled physical therapists, and

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Worried upset mature woman feel hurt sudden back ache Jun15th 2020

Does Your Sciatica Need Physical Therapy Intervention? These 3 Reasons Will Tell You It Might

Your sciatic nerves run from your lower back down your legs. People who suffer from sciatica typically describe a “shooting pain” sensation on one side of their body.  While this condition does not always require medical treatment, physical therapy can help ease your pain and lessen some of your other uncomfortable symptoms.  How can physical

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