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Work Health Programs

You Face Tough Questions Like “Who can safely and reliably perform which jobs?” and “How can I be sure?” The hiring process requires compliance with multiple regulations, so implementing legally defensible testing consistently is critical. And when testing is performed, how can you be sure the data is objective and reliable?  

At PTRS, we partner with employers, case managers, payers, and insurers to provide a comprehensive program focusing on three main components: 

  • Injury prevention
  • Physical Rehabilitation and Treatment
  • Return-to-Work/Case Closure

This overall process is successful through our work health program that is involved with:

  • Hiring: We assist employers in identifying candidates who are capable of handling the physical demands of the job they are applying for.  We partner with employers to develop a reliable, job-specific test the employer can use as a barometer to determine the physical abilities of a candidate.
  • Safety: We assist employers in creating a safe environment for their employees. We can identify hazards and quantify risks that may be associated with the jobs being performed and design educational programs that help employees recognize and avoid risks associated with their work environment.
  • Injury:  Our services and Program help injured workers with a goal-oriented, progressive and functional physical rehab program to facilitates a safe and rapid return to work.
  • Recovery: In some cases, due to the severity of an injury, return to work may be longer than desired. This can result in deconditioning. Our specialized program offers work conditioning and work hardening that helps injured workers become fully prepared to return to their job with a task-specific conditioning program.
  • Closure: Managing the rehabilitation process of an injured worker, at times, may end with the individual unable to return to their original job. Our return to work testing and Functional Capacity Testing help identify the physical abilities of the injured worker, providing valuable information in the case closure process.

What are the employer’s needs when hiring?

  • To comply with all federal legislation
  • To hire healthy and productive workers
  • To ensure workers are placed in jobs they are capable of performing
  • To prevent and reduce injuries and associated costs


  • Expert certified provider of work site-related services
  • Single point of contact to schedule test and communicates results within two business hours of test completion
  • We customize our  program to test the smallest number of employees across their  job functions and locations to have the greatest positive impact
  • Average time to schedule test is within 24 hours, which means no delay in your hiring process
  •  POET can be used instead of a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) to facilitate return-to-work
  • Our POET establishes a baseline for treatment of worker, if future injury occurs.  We pick up therapy after an injury to ensure rehab is according to baseline and performed in most cost-efficient manner
  • Our program generates an average ROI of 300% for our clients


Proven Treatment Methods

  • Innovative, effective treatment techniques are performed by highly effective credentialed physical therapists.

Reduced Healthcare Spending

  • Measured results prove we can get you back to your activities faster, reducing your overall healthcare costs.  
  • Our measured outcomes, supportive environment and innovative treatments save you money and have you better, sooner. Complimented by unprecedented Patient Satisfaction – Our  patient satisfaction survey reveals that 99% of our patients would recommend us and felt very satisfied with their care. 
  • Multi-specialty practice with ability to treat an individual through their full life span and everyone in the family for conditions requiring physical therapy as treatment
  • Patient centered treatment  and Independent of health systems, we have local ownership and  collaborative relationships with various community services and agencies

Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET)

Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET) focuses on determining whether an individual is physically capable of performing a specific job to proactively minimize the risk of injury. Those who use post-offer employment testing, or POET, achieve an average 47% fewer workers’ comp injuries and three times higher retention than those who don’t use POET. (Anderson)

The purpose of a POET is to determine if the candidate you want to hire can safely perform the physical demands and essential functions of the job. This is not the same as a pre-employment physical, which is a medical examination. Medical exams determine overall fitness, but are not specific to the tasks of the job for which a candidate is being considered.

Benefits of a POET

  • Decreased turnover because the “right” employees are hired (approximately 10% of those tested FAIL and are not hired)
  • New hires understand in advance the physical demands of their jobs
  • There is increased safety for new workers and co-workers through decreased accidents
  • Injuries decrease in number and severity

On-Site Physical Therapy Services

We can operate an on-site physical therapy office to treat the injured employee right in his own work environment, doing his specific job functions. This one-on-one, personalized rehab at work is tailored to each person’s specific job functions, making it more effective. Plus, we also train the worker to move properly so he doesn’t re-injure himself.

Employers get all the advantages of an on-site clinic without the expense. They also save money by eliminating travel and transportation expenses and productivity losses. Compliance is higher because employees find on-site treatment more convenient. The result is accelerated physical therapy that enables workers to return to work sooner.

Injury Prevention

Our Injury Prevention Programs are designed to be integrated into the safety culture of a company. We work closely with safety professionals to identify where and to whom musculoskeletal injuries may occur and tailor educational programs to promote a safe working environment.

Our prevention programs include:

  • Employee education and management to recognize musculoskeletal risks
  • Identifying ways to eliminate risk
  • Increasing awareness through education to minimize the accumulated physical stress of the job
  • Providing customized stretching/warm-up programs to target the muscles employees use most throughout the day
  • Ergonomic Programs

Return to Work Programs

Our Return-to-Work Programs are designed to provide job-related and injury-specific therapeutic interventions to create customized and cost-effective approaches to the treatment of work-related injuries.

When injured workers meet established short- and long-term goals via physical therapy or hand/occupational therapy but are unable to return to work due to remaining functional deficits or de-conditioning, they may benefit from a higher level of therapeutic intervention designed specifically with a primary goal of returning to work. Injured workers who benefit most from these programs are usually at least 30 days out from their injury and have a medium or higher physical demand category job to return to. These are full body intensive conditioning programs that focus on work simulation activities to get injured workers back to work.

Work Hardening: A highly structured, goal-oriented, individualized intervention program designed to return the employee to work. Our Work Hardening programs are multidisciplinary in nature and utilize real or simulated work activities designed to restore physical, behavioral and vocational functions. Work Hardening addresses the issues of productivity, safety, physical tolerances and worker behaviors.

Work Conditioning: An intensive, goal-oriented conditioning program designed to restore neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function including strength, power, endurance, joint mobility, ROM, motor control, cardiovascular endurance and functional abilities. The primary objective of the Work Conditioning program is to restore physical capacity and function to enable the injured worker to return to his or her pre-injury job.

Ergonomic Programs

Ergonomics is the relationship between people and the work environment. Ergonomic Programs focus on evaluating a specific work environment and job tasks to identify risk factors that could result in musculoskeletal dysfunction. Our Ergonomic Programs are used to identify and quantify the physical demands and risk factors that may exist in the work environment and provide valid information to base an Injury Prevention or Post-Offer Employment Testing Program on.

  • Individual Ergonomic WorkStation Analysis
  • Evaluate the ergonomics of an injured employee and develop strategies to adjust their workstation to decrease strain and improve efficiency.
  • Ergonomic WorkStation Analysis
  • Evaluate multiple employees performing a job that has high injury rates and develop potential solution(s) to decrease ergonomic risk factors.
  • Office Ergonomic Analysis
  • Evaluate the employee at their computer workstation, identify ergonomic risk factors and assist in developing solutions.
  • Customized Return-to-Work

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