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  • shoulder pain

    Neck Pain

    Common complaints include migraines and tension headaches, not being able to turn one’s head fully, all-over neck soreness, stabbing pain localized to one spot on the neck, or pain that radiates as far down as the fingertips.

  • Shoulder Pain Midland & Coleman, MI

    Shoulder pain

    We carry the weight of the world on them, but don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure them out. Yet our shoulders are each incredibly complicated joint systems. The positive aspect of this complexity is that your shoulders allow your body to undertake an amazing range of activities.

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    Back Pain

    All of us have pulled a back muscle at some point, needing to spend a day or two cozied up to an ice pack and a heating pad. But when serious back and lower body pain, as well as stiffness or numbness problems, make it hard to function, you may well have sciatica.

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Meet The Team

Our physical therapists are both compassionate and caring, ambitious toward helping our patients reach their highest level of performance with the least possible amount of discomfort. Our dedicated team consists of leading experts in the physical therapy area, any of whom would be happy to work with you on whatever you may be struggling with. They will work hard, not only to get to the root of your problems and provide quality treatment for the pain you are currently experiencing, but they will also use their abilities to provide you with injury prevention services for the future.

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We Specialize In Relieving the Pain of Victoria

Manual (hands on) therapy such as physiotherapy, massage therapy, and osteopathy can be highly effective to relieve pain by providing the type of treatment you need when your pain makes it hard to move around and do everyday tasks. Our treatments help you move better as we work toward relieving your pain. They also help improve or restore your physical function and your fitness level. The goal of Equilibrium is to make your daily tasks and activities easier. In addition, manual therapy often provides the best treatment for a variety of different pains, not only providing relief, but also teaching you techniques to prevent re-injury and avoid pain in the future.


Jeanette was a gift from heaven. I was falling on my face often due to balance, strength, and depressions problems. Jeanette and the office staff were life savers for me. I am feeling younger, stronger, and happier! Thank you, thank you, thank you! C.B.


I was having difficulty with bowel movements. Physical therapy helped to make my intestines work manually and gave me a plan to follow that has been very helpful. I would recommend PT&RS’s services to anyone. My entire experience was great. C.L.


My back had been hurting for about 2 weeks. One morning, I got up and bent over to wash my face and my back froze up with intense pain, moving was very limited. I went to urgent care and was referred to Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists. Several days later, I was in constant intense pain with very limited movement....


I limped around for 6-7 weeks unable to do simple tasks and not much walking before I could get in to see Dr. Mayne. Two days later, I had a right knee arthroscopy to remove a medial torn meniscus. Immediate pain relief after surgery. Started PT the following day and went 2-3 times a week for a month. The staff...


I was seen after two surgeries by Dr. Mayne, a repaired meniscus and a removal of a li poma in my quad muscle. My left was quite weak and limited my movement in all ways. The strength is returning thanks to my therapist exercises and my extended walking. Everyone here was compassionate, knowledgeable, and most thorough during my treatments, especially...


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