Aug11th 2017

I was seen by PTRS due to major surgery on the right shoulder and upper arm. This are was completely replaced with a metal plastic shoulder and upper arm. I am right handed. Due to my injuries, I was forced to use my left arm and hand for almost everything. My right arm was losing muscle for lack of use. I was introduced to Ben on the very first day of therapy. He always had an answer to my questions and if I was incapable of a certain exercise he always knew something else to try. When I started I could not do simple things such as comb my hair or put my wallet in my right rear pocket. These and many other things one tends to take for granted were no longer available to me. With Ben’s help I now have what I consider 95% of all function back and a clear road to get the last few things. I am very pleased and wish to extend my sincere thanks to Ben (in fact the whole staff). I would definitely recommend PTRS to other(and I have). Thank you!