Work Injuries

Work Injury Rehabilitation Program

Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists offers a wide range of specialized programs designed to meet the needs of both recovering workers and their employers. Work injury prevention services include on-site educational seminars and assisting employers with pre-work screening tools. These tools are developed by working with the specific functions of a job, thus ensuring that potential employees can safely handle the required physical demands of a given job.

The goal of any work injury rehabilitation program should be to get injured workers healthy and back on the job as quickly and safely as possible. At Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists, we set specific goals for each injured worker as part of customized rehabilitation plan. In most cases, early physical therapy intervention allows the recovering worker to be educated regarding the healing and recovery processes, provides recovering workers with the appropriate expectations and encourages the desired amount of activity at the proper time during healing. This approach minimizes the frustration, fear, anxiety and depression that can occur following an injury.

In more acute cases, patients may require additional Work Conditioning services. Work conditioning involves physical therapy to improve flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and other functioning related specifically to the worker’s job.


Patient progress is measured through a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). This is a comprehensive, objective assessment that measures a worker’s physical capabilities and tolerances. Our certified functional evaluators administer the FCE with standardized protocols that are specific to each case in question. This information is then used by the employer, physician and insurance company to help determine whether it is safe for the individual to return to work or if further care is needed. Functional Capacity Evaluations are often used in settling Workers’ Compensation Claims and other legal proceedings.

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